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     ...Family Solutions Center?

Family transition lends itself to creativity. Courts are constrained by the laws governing divorce or separation and on-going issues regarding parenting and support after divorce or separation. Except in very general terms, you do not have the same constraints.


When a court makes decisions in your divorce,

separation, or parenting case, there is very little time for the judge to get to know you and your family before making decisions that are far-reaching.

At Family Solutions Center, we work with you through mediation or parenting coordination to help you generate options for an agreement that works for you. We can also act as arbitrator or decision-maker to provide you with binding decisions. The choice is yours.






Mary A. Wollard, JD, is an attorney, mediator, and arbitrator with over 20 years experience in solving the legal issues of divorce, parenting (custody), marital property and support


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We problem-solve with you instead of for you.


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Mary A. Wollard, JD


    Family Solutions Center, LLC was founded by attorney, Mary A. Wollard, to provide caring and experienced dispute resolution outside of court divorcing or separating couples in parenting (custody) disputes, marital property issues, and support through mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination and domestic relations decision making